About Us

Future Skill Software was established in 1995 in the United Kingdom. As a former high school science teacher, the author of the software realized that many students were not absorbing some key scientific concepts through standard textbooks.It was thought that if we could create and design computer experiments to better demonstrate dynamic concepts such as predator-prey relationships, he might capture the imagination and minds of more students.

Thus, a company was born, and a series of highly engaging educational software products were developed and sold via mail order catalog, including the best selling Creatures!, a first-in-class populations dynamics simulator.

The company’s uniquely interactive and innovative scientific software programs were quickly adopted by a wide range of 1000+ educational institutions throughout the United Kingdom. Designed specifically for grade school and high school level curricula, students loved the interactive and ‘real-time’ nature of these software products.


Today, Future Skill Software has re-established roots based in Seattle, Washington. With new products in the works, new version releases of Creatures! and Easy Graph, we are looking forward to reigniting the fun in science across the United States and abroad!





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