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Creatures Software

Single User: $9.95
20 Users: $29.95
40 Users: $49.95
Site: $99.95
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Single User License $9.95
20 User License $29.95

40 User License $49.95

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EasyGraph Software

Single User $9.95
20 Users: $29.95
40 Users: $49.95
Site: $99.95
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Creatures & EasyGraph  (25% Discount)

Single User: $14.95
20 Users: $49.95 Best Value!
40 Users: $69.95
Site: $119.95
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The following terms and limitations apply to all secondary schools using Future Skill Software products.

Single User License

The single user license is primarily aimed at class room teachers who either need to evaluate a particular software title or wish to demonstrate the software to a class room of students. As such, the singe user license permits a copy of the software to be installed on a single computer such that the software cannot be distributed to other computers on a network or stand alone machines in a school or college. The license also permits a class room teacher to install a copy of the software on their home computer and/or laptop.

          20 & 40 User License

The software may be installed on either 20 or 40 school-owned computers used by students in the designated school. Custom licenses may be requested to accommodate different numbers of users, contact hollyannesawyer at gmail dot com for details. This license does not allow students to install on personal laptops or at-home computers. See Student Home Installation License below for this option.

           Site & School-Wide Network License

The software may be installed on an unlimited number of school-owned computers, within the designated school. The computers may be standalone or networked.


Posting, sub-licensing, selling or electronically distributing the software manuals or software beyond the scope of the purchased license is strictly prohibited.  Unless a home license is purchased, the software may not be distributed to students for installation on personal computers or laptop.

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