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What better way to teach students than to use an intuitive, interactive, and engaging computer simulation!

Creatures! is a fun, real-time simulator that allows students to learn the underlying principles of population dynamics. Creatures! recreates a world filled with three types of organisms: grass, rabbits and foxes. Together they interact to create a live ecosystem that plays out in real-time in the form of graphs, bar charts, and a ‘field’. Students have full access to many controls where they can manipulate the ecosystem in real-time to watch the dynamics change immediately.

Use Creatures! Simulator to Teach:

  • Food Chains
  • The Spread of Disease
  • Pyramid of Numbers
  • Modeling in applied science
  • Predator/Prey Relationships
  • Effect of man on environment

Designed specifically for schools by teachers of Biology and IT modeling. Detailed teaching tutorials are included with the product for easy lesson planning.

For a demonstration see the video found here.

Introductory prices begin at only $9.95! Visit our Pricing Page.




  • Understand food chain dynamics
  • Discover cause and effect for predator/prey relationships
  • Understand and visualize in real-time the effects of disease, asteroids, the influence of man, and more!
  • Provides an introduction to computer modeling

Data Displays:

  • 2D representation of a ‘field’ showing real-time population dynamics of 3 trophic layers
  • Traditional graph display updated in real-time as simulation runs
  • Dynamic bar chart showing the real-time display of food pyramid


  • Save or load simulation to disc so specific scenarios can be prepared in advance of class
  • Flexible graphs for Export

Senior Level Concepts:

  • Radioactive Decay
  • Exponential Growth
  • Model a bacterial colony
  • Stochastic dynamics
  • Programmable agent based simulator
Alterable Parameters & Rules:

  • Solar energy input – reinforce importance of photosynthesis in ecosystem
  • Fox death rate
  • Fox hunting ability (predation efficiency)
  • Rabbit birth rate (density dependent)
  • Rabbit disease rate (spread of disease)

For the Teacher:

  • Detailed instructions for introductory experiments
  • Additional tutorials and experimental ideas to assist lesson planning

Other Features:

  • Pre-loaded disasters: fire, asteroid collision, hunting & more
  • Interactive sliders
  • Import field settings for custom designed experiments
  • Simulation engine based on realistic stochastic model
  • Software Requirements
  • Windows XP or above
  • For Mac OS, Windows-based emulator required

Creatures! can also be used as an excellent introduction to IT Modeling for Information Systems courses. Advanced features allow configurable rules and parameter changes to model system dynamics.



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