EasyGraph Software

Introducing the easiest and fastest way to draw line graphs!

In support of grades 6 through 12, EasyGraph finally provides a simple, intuitive and fast way for students to learn the art of graph creation, modification and data representation. We guarantee that our intuitive user interface and straightforward feature set will win accolades from all your students. Teach error-bar handling, how to represent multiple repeat data sets, and cause-effect relationships as data is moved in real-time on the graph. Detailed technical specifications listed below.

Teaching Benefits:

  • Straightforward for students and teachers
  • Simple experimental data entry
  • Flexible data input for general science
  • Straight line fits at the touch of a button
  • Built-in help and fully illustrated tutorials
  • Full screen mode for live demonstrations
Advanced Features:

  • Curve fitting using built-in or user defined functions
  • Support for error bar handling & data entry
  • Automatic replicate data management
  • Custom transformation of data & errors
  • Built-in advanced grid calculator formanipulating data
  • Display & measure areas under fitted curves
  • Mouse tool to read gradients & data off fitted curves


We have combined depth and simplicity in one package to cater to a broad range of abilities from middle school to college level.

This software was specifically created by teachers of Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. To get started, EasyGraph comes with many sample files and a fully illustrated sixty page manual of tutorials and examples.

See for yourself by watching one of our tutorial videos listed here:

1. Plotting a simple graph

2. Plotting multiple Y columns on the same graph

3. Editing axes titles and axes scaling

Introductory prices at only $9.95! Visit our Pricing Page to view all licensing.



Data Grid

  • Spreadsheet like grid
  • Multiple x & multiple y data
  • Missing data points allowed
  • Import/Export ASCII/CSV and Excel
  • Grid cells can store data replicates
  • Full undo with user selectable depth
  • Grid popup menu for frequent operations
  • Delete, swap and insert columns and rows

Errors and Transformations

  • Support for errors, using a natural format, e.g. 1.2 ± 0.5
  • Add replicate data and computeerror values and means
  • Transform columns, rows, or selected blocks of data
  • Automatically transform errors in data
  • Free grid and desktop error calculator
  • Calculator can do error calculationsof the form (1.2 ± 0.5) / (4.5 ± 0.2) * sin (2.3 ± 5%)

Grid Calculator

  • Use it to manipulate columns and rows
  • Combine columns and transform data


  • Copy data to and from other applications via clipboard eg to Excel or Open Office
  • Change column headings, resize columns
  • Change grid and the graph changes simultaneously.


  • Resize and move graph on page
  • Customize and move labeling
  • Fully customize axis/tick marks
  • Fully customize data points/legend
  • Fully customize lines

  • Move data points on graph with real-time adjustment of points and curve fits
  • Add grid lines, linear or log axes
  • Design and print graphing paper
  • All graphing elements are accessible via double mouse clicks
  • 15 marker styles, with selectable fill, outline colors, including gradients and marker size
  • Selectable line thickness, color and style

Error Bars

  • Error bars in both X and Y directions
  • Bars above point, below, or both
  • Customize color/thickness

Curve Fitting

  • Straight-line fit at the touch of a button
  • Built-in curve fitting: Best line fit through zero, polynomial fits up to n-1 order, exponential, reciprocal (power) and hyperbolic fitting.
  • Select fitted function visually
  • Custom curve fitting
  • Fitting information can be customized and included on the graph itself

Graph Export

  • Export to PNG, JPEG, BMP, PDF, Postscript, Metafiles
  • Copy to files, printer or clipboard and paste directly into Word/Powerpoint


  • Use mouse to take readings directly off the graph
  • Calculate and display areas under fitted curves
  • Use mouse to read data directly off fitted curves
  • Use mouse to read the gradient directly off fitted curves



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