1. Which Windows operating systems are supported?

Our software will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

2. Which Macintosh operating systems are supported?

Currently we do not support the Macintosh directly, however our software can be
run on Apple computers if a suitable emulator is installed. Depending on
demand we will also consider porting our title to the Macintosh.

3. Which Linux operating systems are supported?

We do not support at present the Linux platform, however we believe that our
titles should be able to run under a suitable emulator such as WINE.

4. Do our titles require other software program to run?

No, our software products are completely self contained.

5. Can a classroom teacher install the software on a home computer?

Yes! No additional license is required.

6. How do I upgrade from an existing license?

To upgrade a given license simply send an order with a payment that represents the
difference between the old license and the new license.  For example, if you
currently own a single user license of Creatures at a cost of $9.95 and wish
to upgrade to a 20 user license at a cost of $29.95, then the cost of the upgrade
will be $29.95 – $9.95 = $20.00. Contact us at hollyannesawyer at gmail.com to make
payment arrangements.

7. What happens of I find a bug in the software?

If you find a bug, please report the bug to hollyannesawyer at gmail.com and
we will email you an 
updated version ASAP.

8. What happens if I would like a new feature added?

If you discover that your students could benefit from an additional feature,
please email the feature request to hollyannesawyer at gmail.com and we will add
the request to our features list.

 9. How do I contact customer service?

To contact customer service please use the email address: hollyannesawyer at gmail.com

10. What licenses do you support?

Please visit our Licensing Page

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